All-Around Creative.

Founder & CEO at YawLife Inc.
I exist to persist the unknown.

I'm passionate about all things technology, and motivated to better humanity. The only fear I have is not living up to my potential. I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve success, if they practice self-learning, persevere through infortitude, and show their inner-strengths to the world.

I'm particularily interested in decentralised technology and the potential it provides for more secure online systems, and proof-of-identity, for its prospect of creating a Global Citizenship to unite the world. I believe that social entrepreneurship and the advancement of science and technology are key to our survival as a species, in addition to accomplishing the United Nations Global Goals.

Things I Can Do

I have many skillsets, spanning countless industries. I have insurmountable passion and dedication to aspire, learn, create, and reach goals. The only divide between the impossible and reality is mindset.

  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Photo/Film/Audio Recording
  • Exemplary Writing
  • Copious Coffee Consumption
  • Endless Perserverance
  • Marketing & Brand Awareness
  • Game Development
  • Unique, Creative Thought
  • Strategic Planning
  • Editing & Visual Effects

Work I've Done

Here's a showcase of some of my work, be it designs, 3d models, videos, or writing I've done. Arranged from most recent to oldest, starting with videos.

LIFE™ Series - Enlightenment

I wrote, narrated, did the visual fx, and edited this video completely on my own, utilizing royalty-free stock footage when necessary. Particular fx to note (which I created) were the "globe water droplet" and "cosmic brain," a few seconds which took hours to do frame-by-frame.

Photoshop Rainbow Effect Tutorial

Created a brief tutorial on how to create an interesting effect in photoshop.

Halo Reach Map: Lighthouse

Garnered over 126,000 views on a video I created of my custom built map for the popular video game series Halo.

Graduation Video

8 years ago I created this video for my school's Grade 9 graduation ceremony.

Portfolio - Graphic Design

Here's a showcase of some of my graphic design work. Arranged from most recent to oldest. Most recent designs excluded due to being proprietary information of my early-stage startup.

YawLife Cover Photo

Cover photo for my company's social media presence (twitter, facebook, etc.)

LifeMan Mascot

Tree I drew/designed in illustrator to act as a mascot for my company

Graduation Recital Poster

Poster I created for my sisters' University Graduation Performance

Biography Picture

Picture I designed for the accompanying biography I wrote for the Lifeboat Foundation (who I volunteer for)

HyperSmoke Caffeinated E-Cig

E-Cig I designed before getting them mass manufactured in China. The lightning bolts above the coffee cup form an 'h' and an 's' (for "hypersmoke.")

Email Signature

Image I created for my email signature.

Portfolio - 3D Design/Development

Here's some of my current work-in-progress 3d meshes. The rest were unfortunately lost due to harddrive failure.

Custom 3D Tree

Using an SVG I drew in illustrator, I imported the geometry into Maya, created the 3D model and UV mapped the surfaces. I am currently smoothing out the edges for better appearance, and rigging the tree for animation.

Photo-realistic Glacier

I created a 3-dimensional glacier terrain with erosion effects and a shape I sculpted to look photo-realistic.

Mountain Terrain Plane Mesh

After creating a displacement map in photoshop, I created a 2D plane in maya and applied the displacement map to it, then textured rock and snow. I am now importing the terrain into Unity and Unreal Engine to re-texture and compare the differing LOD once I've added a suitable skybox and populated it with various plants/static meshes.

Portfolio - Writing

Here's a showcase of some of my writing. I've written numerous articles on varying subjects, including, most recently, a biography for the President of the Bitcoin Association of Australia (and a Director at the Lifeboat Foundation - for whom I volunteer).

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Article I wrote on how the technology powering bitcoin can create an A.I. reminiscent of the human mind (with online-nodal-networks safely bridged with an offline supercomputer).

Contact Me

If you'd like to hire me for my skillsets, or just to get in touch, reach out below.